People invloved with COST Action MP0601

The COST MP0601 currently involves around 100 scientists from almost 40 institutions — universities, government laboratories, research institutes, industry — based in 15 European countries, both COST signatories and non-COST (Russia, Turkey).

The Action’s work is implemented in four Working Groups, each coordinated by two WG Leaders, whose responsibility is to ensure that the scientific objectives of the group are met. All participants are welcome to attend the biannual meetings of the Working Groups during which they can present their work either orally or by poster and by participation in scientific discussions. Priority is given to early stage researchers who wish to present their work. They may also benefit from Short Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) and Training Schools that are supported by the Action.

The consortium as a whole is administered by the Management Committee (MC) with its elected Chair and Vice-Chair, Working Group Coordinators and up to two representatives from every COST member country involved in the Action. The MC meetings are held in conjunction with the Working Group sessions.

The COST Office provides a Scientific Officer, an Administrative Officer and a Scientific Rapporteur..